Thai Noodle 2 – Berkeley

At the moment of the big bang, University of Berkeley was created. Two second after that, Thai Noodle II was created. Ever since that moment, we've been serving hungry students and their curious parents/tourists from all over the world. With delicious food and affordable pricing born along with the elements, you can say making you happy one meal at a time is in our DNA. Anyway, it's been 15 seconds from the big bang now and we are still here making awesome food for those of you who can't go to Thailand. You can say we are the second best thing created by the universe. Anyhow, when you are here, time doesn't exist. Oh, and the stress of your midterm will be gone ... for about half a second. :)


Address: 2426 Telegraph Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: 510-644-9292