Thai Dishes-Manhattan Beach

Thai Dishes, located in Manhattan Beach, California, was opened on August 21st, 1991 by two brothers, Chefs Anant and Manus Kumtong. Since the time of its opening, Thai Dishes has established itself as one of the best Thai restaurants in the South Bay area. Chef Anant and Chef Manus have more than forty years of Thai culinary experience. Growing up in a culinary family, both chefs learned to cook from their mother who prepared everything from scratch. In 1994, Chef Manus became the sole owner of the restaurant and partnered with his wife, Manee, in 2004. They both continue to run Thai Dishes to the present day. This authentic Thai cuisine is a creation of Chef Manus and his wife, Manee. Thai Dishes presents a unique, cozy and extraordinary dining experience, offering a variety of traditional Thai cuisine prepared the same as in their native Thailand. Along with Thai Dishes traditional recipes, a key feature of the restaurant is it’s distinctive architecture. Thai Dishes was designed utilizing a traditional Thai style of domestic architecture. A traditional Thai home would contain a triangle-shaped roof. (picture the letter A) Thai Dishes was built to look just like an authentic Thai home, to enhance the customer’s Thai dining experience.


Address: 1015 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: 310-546-4147