Pintoh Thai

PinToh is a Thai word for a portable food container. Once we were just a little, all delightful mom-made were carried to school every day in the PinToh. To put it another way, PinToh is where the caring, delights, and happiness from the ones who cook are stored. That's what we at PinToh do with more than 10 years of experience. Our dishes are all heart-made with a desire to bring a smile to the face of our beloved ones. Plus, we also bring back the old-school style by serving the dishes in PinToh and intend to let it stay. The flashbacks shall remind them of the joy and warmth from the past every time they see or use PinToh. While the world is full of rush and people seek for fast and convenience, we combine that with our delights. We aspire to give everyone the taste which is as good as home cooking in the simplest way. Here, it is not just a restaurant but a place where everyone can enjoy food and reminisce about those beautiful feelings. #pintohoakland


Address: 1442 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-823-2370