Kinaly Thai Restaurant

Owners and Family, recognizing a need for a truly Thai local restaurant in San Diego, CA are lunching a family business together and bringing Thai Street Food concept of "delightful" for a neighborhood restaurant and community gathering place. Kinaly Thai restaurant will be the perfect neighborhood thai food with a friendly atmosphere that promote comfort, wellness and community. Kinaly Thai not just provide good food and excellent service but to create a fantastic feeling with an " see Thru Kitchen live Wok" by preparing and cooking food where customers can see, we make sure they know that all food is fresh and " Wok fire taming show", the technic of cooking thai street food. Kinaly Thai will not be just a grab-and-go, but a welcoming place where customers are enjoying eating and drinking.


Address: 2508-C1 El Camino
Real, Carlsbad, CA 92010
Phone: (760) 916-6379