Jasmine Thai Cuisine-Woodland Hills

How long has Jasmine Thai Group been open? Our first Jasmine Thai Cuisinelocation, Winnetka, was opened in 2005. Our second location, Porter Ranch, was opened in 2011. And the latest one, Woodland Hills, was opened in 2015. Our Restaurants Our family has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, since the days in Thailand. We wanted to serve authentic Thai foodin a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. We opened the first location in Winnetka in 2005. Though it was small, with the authentic Thai taste, relaxing atmosphere, and caring service, the business began to grow. We opened the second in Porter Ranch in 2011. With more success, the third one in Woodland Hills followed in 2015. Our Goal The emphasis for Jasmine Thai is serving authentic Thai food, using fresh ingredients, in a relaxing elegant atmosphere with top notch Thai hospitality. What makes our menu special? Utilizing our experience in the Thai restaurant business since the days in Thailand, we brought our original recipes to all 3 locations. Using fresh ingredients as the key. Apart from the popular Thai dishes that our customers love, such as, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Kung, and Spicy Basil Leaf. We also have our own specialties that cannot be found at other Thai restaurants, such as Golden Cups, The Black Fish, and Tom Kah Soft Shell Crab. Our Atmosphere An elegant setting yet comfortable, relaxing, and family friendly is what we strive to achieve at Jasmine Thai. Couple that with authentic Thai taste and warm hospitality. We hope to leave a positive impression with all our customers.


Address: 20022 Ventura Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Website: jasminethaicuisinegroup.com
Phone: 818-888-8815
Email: admin@jasminegroups.com