Chai Thai Noodles

Chai Thai Noodles started small, in 2008, by our beloved parent's, Vatanachai Sangchai and Amnouy Manyvong. After working at Thai House Express for over 10 years, they decided to made their way across bridge to pursue their own dreams, opening a family restaurant called Chai Thai Noodles, located in Oakland, by International Blvd. At Chai Thai Noodles, we have put together the strength's of my mom cooking in Laos food along with the strength's of my dad cooking in Thai dishes, So we were able to provide a huge menu with the combination of Thai and Laos dishes. For example, the popular Thai pork leg stew, the tradition Thai/ Laos papaya salad, crispy rice ball salad with the lettuce wrap and larb. We are also commited to bring more variety dishes of Thai and Laos food, so please check out our Chef’s Special menu for our new delicious dishes!


Address: 545 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606
Phone: 510-832-2500