Bua Luang Thai Cuisine

Owner Joe Phoonpirom, he gained ten years of experience in Italian and American restaurants, but cooking Thai food connects him – and you - to his culinary roots. Joe's kitchen serves up the traditional and vibrant flavors of his home country, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Bua Luang is FAMILY OWNED and you can sense that the moment you walk in. Niphon Phoonpirom opened this restaurant in 1990, and passed it on to his son, Joe. Joe’s family lives in Albany and raised two beautiful daughters, now in high school. The staff is part of the family, too, with some having worked at Bua Luang for 15 years. Bua Luang is their home, their family kitchen, and they enthusiastically share their passion and cuisine with you, the customers. They put time and effort into making each meal which is what makes it so special.


Address: 1166 Solano Ave,
Albany, CA 94706
Website: www.bualuangalbany.com
Phone: 510-527-8288
Email: contact.bualuang@gmail.com