Bangkok Kitchen

We are a fast casual family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Orange County. We are providing fast service on all togo order and fresh Thai food to our customers daily. If you looking for a quality TOGO Thai food with an affordable price, we are the right place for you. Our goal is every dish evoke a strong sense of Thailand. The emphasis is on Authenticity and Richness in Flavor. Bangkok Kitchen has taken great pleasure and pride in serving visitors a wide variety of Thai dishes. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes to maintain freshness of the ingredients. Strong aromatic herbs and spices not only add to the sumptuous tastes of the food but also have high nutritional benefits. A wide variety of our dishes are sure to satisfy almost all of your cravings whether you are novice or veterans to Thai Food.


Address: 136 W MacArthur Blvd,
Santa Ana, CA 92707